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If you are seeking your first Bichon or like us, your third, a J’Adorable Bichon will steal your heart away. These Bichons are unlike most, they are hand raised from birth at home and are loved and nurtured by Jen and Tom. Prospective forever families are invited to meet and interact with the litter from practically birth. The pedigrees and conformation are beyond compare, however what truly sets them apart is the chill nature of the moms and therefore the pups. Showstoppers (and winners!) in their own right, the moms are loving and watchful with sweet natures that transfer to their pups. The puppies are strong, smart, and healthy. If you are lucky enough to have one of these bespoke dogs, you will be treated to a Bichon that is ready to play, cuddle and love you forever.


Annette & Bob Tornborg


 When our beloved Bichon, Sophie, passed away in December of 2021 after almost 17 wonderful years with us, we were heartbroken.  We weren’t sure if we could open our hearts to another furry companion, but if we did, it had to be another Bichon Frise.

Last year, we felt ready to welcome a new Bichon into our lives.  We began searching for reputable breeders in Northern California.  Our first Bichon, Sophie, didn’t come from a reputable breeder, and despite the love we had for her, she faced numerous health issues, including an extreme overbite.  This time around, we were determined to find a Bichon from a responsible breeder.

After some online research, we came across J’adorable Bichon’s and reached out to them via email.  Jen promptly responded and arranged an in-person meeting with us.  Upon meeting them, we knew we had found the perfect breeder.  It was evident that Jen and Tom were passionate about the breed, prioritizing their well-being over profit.  They provided exceptional care to both their adult dogs and puppies, feeding them nutritious diet and showering them with love in their beautiful home.  They were also incredibly knowledgeable about the breed and willing to share so much to ensure their babies are well taken care of when they go to their forever home.

Living locally, we were fortunate to visit their home frequently, allowing us to bond with our future companion, Peko, from an early age.  Jen and Tom also began crate training Peko, which proved to be incredibly successful as she adjusted seamlessly to her new home.


Now considering a companion for Peko, we wouldn’t hesitate to return to J’adorable Bichon’s.  Not only did we gain a wonderful addition to our family from Jen and Tom, but we also formed meaningful connections with them.  We eagerly anticipate our regular grooming appointments and visits, cherishing the friendship we’ve formed with Jen and Tom, and their furry family.


Tomoko & Tony Malott


We met Jen and Tom Eikmeier in Prescott, Arizona in September 2021.  At the time we had two Bichon boys, Ozzy and Bowie who were 20 months old.  We wanted to finish both but were hesitant to send them with a professional handler.  I had worked with Ozzy in show classes quite a bit.  We had decided to concentrate on showing Ozzy first before Bowie.  Bowie was a tag along that weekend to help make a major.  The rest is history.  There were 4 shows that weekend and Bowie is an elegant little show man.  He took two 3-point majors and Ozzy took the last one of the weekend.  Ozzy is more serious and needed a little more time to get comfortable in the ring.  This is how their show career began and how both the boys and my husband and I started a wonderful relationship with Jen and Tom.

During the next six to eight months the boys each individually spent time with Tom and Jen.  Ozzy got his Championship and Grand Championship with all majors.  Bowie wasn't far behind.  Jen and Tom treated my boys like they were their own.  They lived in their home.  They got all the love I would give my own boys, and even more.  Tom and Bowie have a special "bromance".  Ozzy and Jen bonded, but Tom had Ozzy in the ring the day he got his Championship.  Jen and Tom make a great team.  Jen is a fabulous groomer.  They are both wonderful in the ring.  They are dedicated to the breed and are perfectionists at their craft.  I trust my dogs with them 100% and would recomend them to anyone.  I am so happy that they are in our lives and our boy's lives.

Beth Cohn

We met Jen & Tom in December 2018 at the Orlando dog show and flew from Florida to California to see them and their litter in November 2019. Having previously had this breed of dog, we knew what we were looking for in a breeder and puppies. It is so important that the puppies be bred and raised by responsible and loving breeders who breeds with health and temperament in mind and devotes the time and energy to socialize the puppies from the day they are born. Jen and Tom did this in spades! In January 2020, we again flew to California and returned to Florida with two of the sweetest, well mannered, beautiful and healthy puppies that didn’t make a peep on the entire trip (they were with us in the cabin of the airplane). The loving care they received from the day they were born clearly shows. The puppies are very friendly, affectionate, and get along well with other dogs and humans. We are most fortunate to have these two outstanding bundles of fun who are the talk of the neighborhood! Jen and Tom have also always been available to us if we have any questions. They are a wealth of information.


Lynda & Mike Avallone

     Not in a million years I said, “ I will never get another dog”. I had lost my beloved best friend of 10 years, Bailey. My daughter had wanted a dog for too many years to count. Reluctantly, she asked if she got straight A’s in high school, could I get a Bichon? Well, no surprise, 4.1 GPA and a new little puff of love was brought into our lives. Lyla Mae has been a staple of love, joy and laughter.       

     Tom and Jen have been instrumental in our journey into a Bichon lifestyle. With their help and guidance, the little 5 pound dog we brought home is now a 100 pound force in this family. The great thing is that both Tom and Jen take pride in “checking in” with my family. I tell them every time we talk, this is the pride and joy that was missing for so many years. We are so blessed to have a new member of the family.


Peter J. Linssen DDS, FICOI  

"Four years ago we were searching for a female Bichon puppy from a breeder who believes that good health is most important. We wanted a puppy with good bloodlines and a sweet disposition. We were put in contact with Jennifer and Tom Eikmeier of J'adorable Bichons. Gracie is beautiful, has a good temperament, eager to please and a cherished family companion. Jennifer has always been there for us with advice, training ideas and care for Gracie. She was crate trained and almost housebroken when we brought her home. We are so lucky to have found the Eikmeier's and our beautiful Gracie."

Margaret and Byron Lacey

"My husband and I had the pleasure of making friends with Jennifer and Tom last year. We share a passion and love for all animals and especially dogs! They are beloved and respected neighbors in our community. We have 2 small purebred toy dogs similar to Bichons. Her knowledge and expertise in training and the general health and well-being of these very special dogs has helped us tremendously. Jennifer generously gives advice, which always proves to be right on the mark! We were fortunate enough to have her start grooming our dogs. Finding good sitters and groomers is a big dilemma in dog ownership. After Truffle and Dolce started getting regular grooming everyone remarks at how beautiful they look. As a bonus they absolutely LOVE going to Jennifer and Tom’s house. She and Tom together are two of the kindest, most trustworthy and fun people we have gotten to know in the neighborhood. I only wish we could take on a third dog because it would most definitely be a J’adorable Bichon."

Maryanne and Randy April

We have 3 Bichons and our male, Mick, we are showing. Jennifer has done a beautiful job showing Mick and starting him on his way to Grand Champion. She really knows how to bond with the dogs and also does a great job grooming them. She is very concerned and caring with the dogs and presents them to their maximum. She has her own dogs too, which by the way are very special. Jennifer always goes the extra mile for your dog no matter if it is grooming or showing. She is a wonderful example of professional in the dog show world. We are so glad to have gotten to know her and her husband Tom, who also helps out tremendously. Give them a call and you won’t regret it."

 Fran and Terry Hawk








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